From large backlit bodies to the simplest panel.

At Cassany Designe we make just about any sign you can imagine. From large backlit corporeals to the simplest panel. We will provide you with the solution that best suits your needs. 


Corporeal labels

We design, produce and install all kinds of volume signs. Whether they are aluminum, methacrylate, wood, PVC, metal, etc... Solid, luminous or backlit and of any size. Both to identify your company in the urban environment or to decorate the interior of your premises. 


Light boxes and panels

We manufacture all kinds of light boxes. From the most traditional with methacrylate or backlit PVC canvas labeled both with cut vinyl and with digital printing. Or more sophisticated options such as milled with illuminated content, aluminum, steel or wood. If you are looking for a simpler option, we can make any type of ceiling or labeled plate. 



We produce and place cut or printed vinyl. Both to provide privacy using vinyl with a frozen effect on glass and for informational, advertising or decorative purposes. 



Of course we can also take care of the lettering of your vehicles. If you do not have a design to implement your corporate image, our team will take care of adapting it to your fleet.

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