POS - Displays - Banners

POS elements (point of sale advertising) have become a very important marketing tool when promoting any product or event. Its purpose is to attract attention, make a difference and highlight a product or a message above the rest. 

At Cassany Designe we believe that any display or POS element, however simple it may be, must be original, attractive, functional (which facilitates the work of sales personnel) and must explain the product. We work to order and we also design and manufacture, always looking for consistency between the product and the materials used for its presentation. We pay special attention to the practical aspect, how the exhibitor is assembled, stored, transported or moved. 


Standard displays and POS 

In the market we can find a considerable number of options available. We will help you choose the one that best suits your needs and we will implement your project, always looking for maximum efficiency to make your message visible. 


Personalized displays and POS

Sometimes visual communication elements are required with very specific requirements that make it impossible to find any solution on the market that fits the planned marketing action. So at Cassany Designe we project and produce the required element so as not to undermine your promotional campaign.

1-display-banderola.jpg 2-display-nen.jpg 3-display-salomon.jpg 4-display-honda.jpg 4-display-masramon-1.jpg 6-display-masramon-1.jpg 8-display-afinity.jpg 7-banderola-parramon.jpg