The main objective of signage is to clearly inform and guide users and facilitate the identification of places, itineraries, rules of conduct and services that are part of passable spaces.

Over the years, Cassany Designe has implemented signaling systems in a multitude of environments, from Barcelona's urban parks to universities, hospitals, museums and spaces of natural or cultural interest.


Signaling of natural environments

With the growing influx of people to the natural areas of our country, it is increasingly necessary to inform and guide visitors. As well as managing the respect and protection of generally fragile environments. Given these circumstances, marking natural spaces has become a fundamental tool. Whether it is basic signage, which guides and locates us, or interpretive signage, which provides us with information about the natural wealth, heritage or history of the environment that surrounds us.

At Cassany Designe we regularly work for different administrations, always adapting to the requirements established in their graphic and construction regulations manuals, but we can also design exclusive products for specific projects, always using the highest quality and ecologically sustainable materials.


Signposting of urban spaces

For a municipality, having a comprehensive personalized and differential urban signage system is key to reaffirming its identity.

code signaling

Improving the mobility, orientation and accessibility of an urban space requires functional and easy-to-understand signage. At Cassany Designe we design and produce comprehensive signage systems adapted to the characteristics of each site. Whether rustic, historic, industrial, etc. We always resort to materials that offer great resistance and durability and minimize possible bandit attacks.

tourist signage

A well-executed tourist signaling improves the image and adds value to the cultural and heritage assets of a municipality. Arouses the interest of visitors while helping them find their way around an environment that they are normally unfamiliar with. In addition, it promotes active tourism by facilitating the monitoring of itineraries and thematic routes.


Signaling of interior spaces

Both for a public facility and for a private company, good signage is essential to allow any user or client to know where they are and where to go. This makes it possible to efficiently regulate the flows of people by means of visual guides, guiding them through a space with which they are probably not familiar.

To achieve these objectives we have different elements: directories, directional signage, identification, pictograms, information, emergency, etc.

To make things easy for customers or users and improve their experience in a given space, it is essential to have a good signage project that is easy to understand, visually attractive and integrated into the environment. In addition to its primary functionality, it also allows us to reinforce the brand image and strengthen communication with the client.

Cassany Dessigne has implemented signaling systems in a multitude of environments.

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