Cassany Designe

Experience in the world of signage and visual communication.


Cassany Designe is the second generation of a small family business with more than forty years of experience in the world of signage and visual communication. From the very beginning we have always opted for the latest technological advances in our field but without leaving aside the traditional techniques of our trade.

We are available to offer exterior and interior signage services. As well as signaling of natural, urban spaces and public or private facilities. In addition, we have a long experience in the design, production and assembly of stands, exhibitions and museum equipment. We are also specialized in the creation of any kind of visual advertisement, be it displays, exhibitors or any PLV element that your company or trade may need.

We are a small but versatile team, with people experienced in working with metal, wood, methacrylate, painting and design. Cassany Designe we use the latest technologies in both LED lighting and digital printing, and the most up-to-date systems to solve any problem you may have when solving your needs in the field of visual communication.

Our goal has always been to offer the highest quality by adapting to the requirements presented to us by the client. Attending to your priorities and advising you throughout the process in order to obtain the best results.

Cassany Designe, experience in the world of signage and visual communication.

Cassany Designe